Speaking of Literacy

Speaking of Literacy Trailer

February 22, 2024 Kate Will Season 1 Episode 0
Speaking of Literacy
Speaking of Literacy Trailer
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In this ongoing podcast series, hosts Grace Cacini and Natalie Schloss will interview professionals in the speech, language, and hearing science field to better understand how their work supports the teaching of reading and writing skills. These episodes are intended for educators, students, caregivers, and any individuals who work with children who struggle with reading and writing tasks.

Cacini and Schloss are students studying communication sciences and disorders at the University of Iowa. They lead assistive technology consultation appointments at the Iowa Reading Research Center, demonstrating how children can use technology to support their reading and writing. 

Listen to each episode to learn about the work of speech-language pathologists and how they impact the reading development of the individuals they work with.

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Grace: Hey everybody. My name is Grace, a fourth-year speech and hearing sciences undergrad.

Natalie: And my name is Natalie, a third-year speech and hearing sciences undergrad. We are both student assistive technology coordinators at the Iowa Reading Research Center.

Grace: Today, we are excited to announce the start of our podcast, Speaking of Literacy, where we will be interviewing experts in the field of speech, language, and hearing sciences to better understand the role of language skills on reading ability.

Natalie: The field of speech and hearing is vast and can be misunderstood in literacy development, and we aim, through hearing from a variety of professionals in the field, to educate ourselves and others about their role in overall reading development.

Grace: Stay tuned for the release of our first episode with Dr. Kristi Hendrickson, who is an assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders and directs the Psycholinguistics Lab at the University of Iowa.